Manade Marié, Breeding of Camargue Horses
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The Manade

in french ! REPORTAGES in french:
Bellegarde 2007
Camagri 2008 :
VIIe rencontre du Cheval de Race Camargue

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All around the " étang de l'Or ", between Lattes, Mauguio and the Grande Motte, our horses are born and live in semi-freedom in the marshes of the " petite Camargue ". This fosters qualities of rusticity and authenticity.

Covering is done in a natural way

Jappelou, the stallion is released with the mares at spring time.

  Jappelou and the mares  

A mare with her foal

Their food is natural.
In the spring the grass is rich and filled with minerals, due to the proximity of the sea.


The mares foal in spring (April to June).
The foals remain with them for the first 6 months in the " petite Camargue "...

They lead a peaceful. life, with the herd in a quasi wild state.

A mare with her foal

The " Manade" | Horses for sale | Our services | Photographs and reportages | Contacts
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